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Canadian University Tuition Still Miles Cheaper than US

Canadian tuition costs pale in comparison to their US counterparts, however, American student have more options. With the tuitions increasing, and many more universities/colleges to choose from, American students have some options to cut their tuition by thousands. How you say? Simply, head over to the ‘dreaded’ college, the local community college, and take credits for transfer to University.

The average cost for a full year of tuition and fees at a community college inh 2006 is just $2,076, compared to $5,100 at a public, four-year university and $20,081 at a private, four-year university, according to the College Board. In both countries you can generally spend half your time at different institutions before heading to the one with degree granting status.

Some students, if they can get over the prestige factor (in the end it doesn’t say how many years you spend at University and how many at college on the degree) can save literally thousands in tuition, over 5,000us easily.

Of course, get better marks, the savings increase with scholarships and bursuries. Of course you need to be sure your program at college transfers appropriately with the University of your choice, however, many do.

Other modifications include heading home and taking summer classes at a local community college. save money on tuition and room and board.

Sounds like a good plan to AT LEAST consider because we all know the college fund won’t be enough to send yourself/your kid to school. Start saving early, little kids need to have parental support if possible early on in life. Teens need to put money away earlier in high school (earlier is ideal).

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