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Health Care Reform: The Latest Developments in American Health Care Reform

Both the House and the Senate have passed separate versions of the new health care reform bill; online insurance quotes will be more competitive now. The Senate’s version of the new health care reform bill passed with a strong 60/39 count.

New initiatives for reforming the healthcare industry will soon affect the online insurance quotes that you receive from major healthcare insurers.

President Obama’s plan for American health care reform continues to gain positive ground. Last week, at 7:00 AM on Christmas Eve, when the Senate’s version of the new Health Care Reform Bill went up for vote, it needed a basic majority of 51 votes to be passed – and it took only about 5 minutes to receive them. The final vote count was 60/39 in favor of passage. This impressive victory was the result of the second longest deliberation period in the history of the Senate: 24 straight days. Now, both the Senate and the House of Representatives have passed separate versions of the final Health Care bill.

So what happens next?

Although it seems quite imminent, there’s no real reason for a massive democratic celebration just yet. The first thing that has to happen is that the separate versions of the Health Care bill that have already passed the House and Senate must be meshed to form a draft for the final bill. And as one might expect from the world of politics, there is dissension there. While Harry Reid, (Senate Majority Leader) enthusiastically stated that the plan was what Americans “have deserved for six and a half decades”, Mitch Mcconnell (Minority Leader) called the bill a “monstrosity”. Mcconnell, like a horn blowing discord, stated, “this fight is far from over.”

Regardless of the final Health Care bill that is passed in the near future by President Obama, comparing various insurance quotes online will always help you to find the most affordable health care insurance available. Major insurance providers deliver their best rate quotes to you for side-by-side comparisons – and compete for your business.

The general public opinion concerning new initiatives for American health care reform is definitely one of huge interest – and a surprising amount of support. With Mr. Obama just finishing his first year of service, many Americans are impressed with his fervored rate of accomplishment. After years of enduring President Bush’s Republican war machine, they also feel quite refreshed to see their government at least trying to accomplish something positive for the American people – even if the details of the ‘perfect’ health care reform recipe are still up in the air.

United States senator, Chris Dodd stated that every single presidential administration since Harry Truman’s has proclaimed the importance of public health care reform – and every one of them has failed to make any significant improvements. He firmly supports the new initiatives for reforming the current system and refers to them as “history making”. Those who experience the simplicity of getting insurance quotes online for their families health care provision continue to benefit.

So while the new final Health Care bill (now being written) is one step closer to being made into law, both House and Senate members are anxiously awaiting the day when it is presented to President Obama for approval. Referring to the work that has been accomplished by both the House and the Senate, the president stated, “We are incredibly close to making health insurance reform a reality in this country. Our challenge is the finish the job.”

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